JavaScript mixins

A mixin is a class whose methods are added to, or mixed in, with another class.

A base class includes the methods from a mixin instead of inheriting from it. This allows you to add to or augment the behavior of the base class by adding different mixins to it.

This topic contains information on how you can use JavaScript mixins to overwrite component methods in Magento.

Mixin scope

The scope of a module’s mixin depends on its directory location under the view directory. This allows you to target component instances in specific areas in Magento.

The following table maps a directory location to the application area a mixin affects:

Directory Scope
view/frontend Storefront
view/adminhtml Admin panel
view/base All areas (unless a specific frontend or adminhtml entry exists)

Mixin files


Mixins are JavaScript files located under the web/js directory under an area specific directory. The mixin file can be nested under more directories as long as those directories are under web/js.


A mixin in Magento is written as an AMD module that returns a callback function. This function accepts a target component(module) as an argument and returns a module.

This allows you to return a new instance of the target component with your modifications attached to it before it is used in the application.


The following is an example of a mixin module that extends the target component with a function that introduces a new blockVisibility property to a column element.

File: OrangeCompany/Sample/view/base/web/js/columns-mixin.js

define(function () {
 'use strict';

 var mixin = {

      * @param {Column} elem
     isDisabled: function (elem) {
         return elem.blockVisibility || this._super();

 return function (target) { // target == Result that Magento_Ui/.../columns returns.
     return target.extend(mixin); // new result that all other modules receive

Declaring a mixin

Mixins are declared in the mixins property in the requirejs-config.js configuration file. This file must be created in the same area specific directory the mixin is defined in.

The mixins configuration in the requirejs-config.js associates a target component with a mixin using their paths.


The following is an example of a requirejs-config.js file that adds the columns-mixins, defined in the previous example, to the grid column component.

File: OrangeCompany/Sample/view/base/requirejs-config.js

var config = {
 config: {
     mixins: {
         'Magento_Ui/js/grid/controls/columns': {
             'OrangeCompany_Sample/js/columns-mixin': true

Mixin examples in Magento

The following is a list of files in the Magento_CheckoutAgreement module that declare and define mixins that modify checkout behavior: