Adobe Commerce 2.3 reached end of support in September 2022.


The Magento_Backup module allows administrators to perform backups and rollbacks. Types of backups include system, database and media backups. This module relies on the Cron module to schedule backups.

The Magento_Backup module does not affect the storefront.

For more information about this module, see Magento Backups


Extension developers can interact with the Magento_Backup module. For more information about the Magento extension mechanism, see Magento plug-ins.

The Magento dependency injection mechanism enables you to override the functionality of the Magento_Backup module.


This module introduces the following layouts and layout handles in the view/adminhtml/layout directory:

backup_index_block backup_index_disabled backup_index_grid backup_index_index

For more information about layouts in Magento 2, see the Layout documentation.

Additional information

For information about significant changes in patch releases, see 2.3.x Release information.