Adobe Commerce 2.3 reached end of support in September 2022.



The Magento_Signifyd module provides integration with the Signifyd fraud protection system. The integration is based on the Signifyd API; see the Signifyd API docs for technical details.

The module implementation allows to:

  • create a Signifyd case for a placed order
  • automatically receive a Signifyd guarantee for a created case
  • automatically cancel a guarantee when the order is canceled


The Magento_Signifyd module does not add own Events, Layouts, and UI Components as extension points.

Public API

The following interfaces (marked with the @api annotation) provide methods that allow to:

Magento\Signifyd\Api\Data\CaseInterface (common abstraction for the Signifyd case entity):

  • set or retrieve all case data fields


  • create a new case entity
  • retrieve the existing case entity for a specified order


  • create a case entity for a specified order
  • send a request through the Signifyd API to create a new case


  • describe methods to work with a case entity


  • send a request through the Signifyd API to create a new case guarantee


  • send a request through the Signifyd API to cancel the Signifyd case guarantee


  • might be used by Magento\Signifyd\Api\CaseRepositoryInterface to retrieve a list of case entities by specific conditions

For information about a public API in Magento 2, see Public interfaces & APIs.

Additional information


To update the entity data for a case or guarantee, the Magento_Signifyd module uses the Signifyd Webhooks mechanism.

The newly created case entities have the PENDING status for a case and a guarantee. After receiving Webhook, both statuses are changed to appropriate Signifyd statuses.

Debug mode

The Debug Mode may be enabled in the module configuration. This logs the communication data between the Magento_Signifyd module and the Signifyd service in this file:


Backward incompatible changes

The Magento_Signifyd module does not introduce backward incompatible changes.

You can track backward incompatible changes in patch releases.

Processing supplementary payment information

To improve the accuracy of Signifyd’s transaction estimation, you may perform these operations (links lead to the Magento Developer Documentation Portal):