Adobe Commerce 2.3 reached end of support in September 2022.



Magento_Staging module is used for setting up, previewing and managing future store updates.


The Magento_Staging is dependent on the following modules:

  • Magento_Ui

Extension points

Magento_Staging module have configured timeline view that simplify representation of updates. Configuration of timeline is present in view/adminhtml/ui_component/staging_update_grid.xml file. Difference between simple grid is in next components declaration:

  • listingToolbar
    • template - overloaded template to provide switcher between grid and timeline, legend for timeline.
    • updateTypes - path to status column that provide data for legend
  • columns
    • component - timeline component tht extends listing.
    • recordTmpl - overloaded template for timeline records.
    • detailsTmpl - template for tooltip that provide details about updates.
  • status column
    • component - extends selection column, sets class based on value.
    • updateTypesMap - array that contains bounded classes and values.


  • To avoid mixed content and to work properly, Staging Site Preview feature requires both Storefront and Admin area to be under the same protocol (http or https).