Response Handler

Response Handler is the component of Magento payment provider gateway, that processes payment provider response. Typically, the response requires one of the following actions:

  • Modify the order status

  • Save information that was provided in a transaction response
  • Send an email

The response handler only modifies the order state, based on the payment gateway response. It does not perform any other required actions.


Basic interface for a response handler is Magento\Payment\Gateway\Response\HandlerInterface

Useful implementations

\Magento\Payment\Gateway\Response\HandlerChain might be used as a basic container of response handlers, handling different parts.


Example of a simple response handler (app/code/Magento/Braintree/Gateway/Response/PayPalDetailsHandler.php):

class PayPalDetailsHandler implements HandlerInterface
    const PAYMENT_ID = 'paymentId';

    const PAYER_EMAIL = 'payerEmail';

     * @var SubjectReader
    private $subjectReader;

     * Constructor
     * @param SubjectReader $subjectReader
    public function __construct(SubjectReader $subjectReader)
        $this->subjectReader = $subjectReader;

     * @inheritdoc
    public function handle(array $handlingSubject, array $response)
        $paymentDO = $this->subjectReader->readPayment($handlingSubject);

        /** @var \Braintree\Transaction $transaction */
        $transaction = $this->subjectReader->readTransaction($response);

        /** @var OrderPaymentInterface $payment */
        $payment = $paymentDO->getPayment();

        $payPal = $this->subjectReader->readPayPal($transaction);
        $payment->setAdditionalInformation(self::PAYMENT_ID, $payPal[self::PAYMENT_ID]);
        $payment->setAdditionalInformation(self::PAYER_EMAIL, $payPal[self::PAYER_EMAIL]);

(the code sample is from Magento Open Source v2.1. Although the payment provider gateway was added in v2.0, the particular default implementation using the gateway were added in v2.1)