Signifyd fraud protection

About this document

This document provides additional technical details for integrating Magento with the Signifyd fraud protection system. The integration is based on the Magento_Signifyd module that uses the Signifyd API.

Magento_Signifyd module overview

The Magento-Signifyd module allows you to:

  • create a Signifyd case for a placed order
  • automatically receive a Signifyd guarantee for a created case
  • automatically cancel a guarantee when the order is canceled

Processing supplementary payment information

To improve the accuracy of Signifyd’s transaction estimation, external integrations (like payment methods) may provide the supplementary payment info.

Provide AVS/CVV response codes

A custom payment method can implement the \Magento\Payment\Api\PaymentVerificationInterface to provide AVS/CVV mapping from specific codes to EMS standard, then register these mappings in the config.xml file of a custom payment module.

Below is an example of mapping registration:

            <title>Custom Payment</title>

These steps are enough to provide custom AVS/CVV mapping for payment integrations. Everything else, like mapper initialization, will be provided by the Magento_Signifyd infrastructure.

Retrieve payment method for a placed order

The Signifyd service can retrieve the payment method of a placed order. The Magento_Signifyd module allows to map Magento and Signifyd payment codes using the predefined XML list, located in:


To apply your mappings for the Signifyd payment codes, follow these steps:

  1. Add signifyd_payment_mapping.xml to the custom payment method implementation

  2. Specify the needed mapping

For example:

<config xmlns:xsi=""


  • magento_code attribute value should be the code for a custom payment method (the same as in the payment’s config.xml).

  • signifyd_code attribute value should be one of the available Signifyd payment method codes.