Toolbar component

The Toolbar component implements a container for the listing-related elements like paging, mass actions, filters, bookmarks. That is, it aggregates all elements that serve as tools and renders them at the top of the main table.

Configuration options

Option Description Type Default
sticky Whether the toolbar has a fixed position. When set to true, elements like paging, filters, and table headers stay in the viewport's area, no matter where the scroll position is. Boolean false
stickyClass A list of additional CSS classes added to the root node of the .html template specified in StickyTmpl. {
[name:string]: boolean
'sticky-header': true
stickyTmpl Path to the toolbar's template for the fixed position. String ui/grid/sticky/sticky
template Path to the component’s .html template. String ui/grid/toolbar

Source files

Extends UiCollection: