Magento binding syntax


Within HTML templates, Magento gives you the option of using a binding syntax that is simpler and easier to read and write than the standard Knockout binding syntax. The following code snippets help make the comparison.

Knockout syntax

<!-- ko if: isVisible-->
    <div class="someClass">
        <!-- ko i18n: 'Some translatable message!'--><!-- /ko -->
        <span data-bind="html: content"></span>
<!-- /ko -->

Magento syntax

<if args="isVisible">
    <div class="someClass">
        <translate args="'Some translatable message!'"/>
        <span html="content"></span>


<div class="someClass" if="isVisible">
    <span translate="'Some translatable message!'"></span>
    <span html="content"></span>

If you use the Magento syntax, the Magento wrapper replaces the Magento syntax with the matching Knockout comments or data-bind attributes during the loading of the HTML template.

Binding map

The table below shows examples of how the Knockout bindings map to their Magento binding counterparts.

Name Knockout Syntax Magento Syntax
if <!-- ko if: isVisible--><!-- /ko --> <if args="isVisible"></if>
  <div data-bind="if: isVisible"></div> <div if="isVisible"></div>
  <!-- ko if: getCartParam('summary_count') --> <if args="getCartParam('summary_count')">
ifnot <!-- ko ifnot: isVisible--><!-- /ko --> <ifnot args="isVisible"></ifnot>
  <div data-bind="ifnot: isVisible"></div> <div ifnot="isVisible"></div>
  <!-- ko ifnot: getCartParam('summary_count') --> <ifnot args="getCartParam('summary_count')">
text <!-- ko text: 'Some text' --><!-- /ko --> <text args="'Some text'">
  <div data-bind="text: 'Some text'"></div> <div text="'Some text'"></div>
with <!-- ko with: element --><!-- /ko --> <with args="element">
  <div data-bind="with: element"></div> <div with="element"></div>
foreach <!-- ko foreach: elements --><!-- /ko --> <each args="elements">
  <div data-bind="foreach: elements"></div> <div each="elements"></div>
component <!-- ko component: 'componentName' --> <!-- /ko --> <component args="'componentName'">
  <div data-bind="component: 'componentName'"> </div> <div component="'componentName'"> </div>
css <div data-bind="css: {_visible: isVisible}"> </div> <div css="_visible: isVisible"> </div>
attr <div data-bind="attr: {title: title}"> </div> <div attr="title: title"> </div>
style <div data-bind="style: {color: redColor}"> </div> <div ko-style="color: redColor"> </div>
html <div data-bind="html: '<span/>'"> </div> <div html="'<span/>'"> </div>
click <div data-bind="click: onClick"> </div> <div click="onClick"> </div>
event <div data-bind="event: {mouseover: showEl}"> </div> <div event="mouseover: showEl"> </div>
template <div data-bind="template: templateUrl"> </div> <div template="templateUrl"> </div>
submit <form data-bind="submit: onSubmit"> </form> <form submit="onSubmit"> </form>
options <select data-bind="options: optionsList"> </select> <select options="optionsList"> </select>
selectedOptions <select data-bind="options: optionsList, selectedOptions: value"> </select> <select options="optionsList" selectedOptions="value"> </select>
optionsText <select data-bind="options: optionsList, optionsText: 'label'"> </select> <select options="optionsList" optionsText="'label'"> </select>
optionsValue <select data-bind="options: optionsList, optionsValue: 'value'"> </select> <select options="optionsList" optionsValue="'value'"> </select>
enable <input data-bind="enable: isEnabled"/> <input enable="isEnabled"/>
disable <input data-bind="disable: !isEnabled"/> <input ko-disabled="!isEnabled"/>
hasFocus <input data-bind="hasFocus: onFocus"/> <input ko-focused="onFocus"/>
textInput <input data-bind="textInput: value"/> <input textInput="value"/>
value <input data-bind="value: value"/> <input ko-value="value"/>
checked <input type="checkbox" data-bind="checked: isChecked"/> <input type="checkbox" ko-checked="isChecked"/>
  <input type="radio" data-bind="value: value,checked: isSelected" /> <input type="radio" ko-checked="element.isSelected" ko-value="value" />
checkedValue <input type="checkbox" data-bind="checkedValue: $data, checked: isChecked"/> <input type="checkbox" checkedValue="$data" checked="isChecked"/>