uiRegistry is a in-memory storage, plain storage of entities by keys. Implements the get(), set(), and has() methods.

JS debugging using uiRegistry

To debug the UI component JS, we first need to get a uiRegistry instance from the browser console. To do so, use the RequireJs ID uiRegistry.

In the browser console enter the following:

var registry = require('uiRegistry');

Now we have uiRegistry instance in the registry variable. We can use it to get an instance of any component.

var component = registry.get('%componentName%');

For example:

// Admin > Products > Catalog > Add Product
var fieldName = registry.get('product_form.product_form.product-details.container_name.name');

Lets look what we have in component variable. It keeps component context with all properties, we can see component file, component name and so on.

console.log(fieldName.name); // product_form.product_form.product-details.container_name.name

fieldName.trigger('validate'); // will invoke validation
fieldName.visible(false); // will hide field from page
fieldName.visible(true);  // will show field again
fieldName.value(); // will show current field value
fieldName.value('New string value'); // will change field value to string 'New string value'