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URN highlighter

In addition to the command arguments described in this topic, see Common arguments.

Run all Magento CLI commands as the file system owner.

Overview of URN highlighter

Magento code references all XSD schemas as Uniform Resource Names (URNs). If you are developing code and need to reference XSDs, this command configures your integrated developer environment (IDE) to recognize and highlight URNs. This makes development easier.

By default, an IDE like PhpStorm is not configured to recognize URNs and, as a result, they display in red text as follows:

The bin/magento dev:urn-catalog:generate command enables your IDE (currently, only PhpStorm and Visual Studio Code) to recognize and highlight URNs like the following:

Specifically, this command creates the following PhpStorm configuration:

Configure your IDE

Currently, only PhpStorm and Visual Studio Code are supported.

Command syntax:

bin/magento dev:urn-catalog:generate <path>

Where <path> is the path to your PhpStorm misc.xml file, which is located relative to your project root. Typically, <path> is .idea/misc.xml.

To keep your “Schemas and DTDs” up do date, run the dev:urn-catalog:generate command every time you add, modify, or remove Magento 2 modules containing *.xsd files.