This is a beta release of documentation for Magento 2.4, published for previewing soon-to-be-released functionality. Content in this version is subject to change. Links to the v2.4 code base may not properly resolve until the code is officially released.

Developer roadmap

This topic introduces the high-level workflow for a developer who wants to create or customize the Magento application. Developers can also package and distribute their customizations to merchants.

To satisfy the minimum required elements for creating or customizing your Magento application:

  • Declare component dependencies in composer.json.

    While you can manage dependencies on your own, it is a recommended and strongly encouraged best practice to use the composer.json file.

  • Register the component using the registration.php file.
  • Use these component-specific XML definition files:
  • Distribute your component:
    • Package your component in .zip format.
    • If you upload the component to Magento Marketplace, it should be less than 30MB in size.