This is a beta release of documentation for Magento 2.4, published for previewing soon-to-be-released functionality. Content in this version is subject to change. Links to the v2.4 code base may not properly resolve until the code is officially released.

deleteCustomerAddress mutation

Use the deleteCustomerAddress mutation to delete the specified customer address.

To return or modify information about a customer, Magento recommends you use customer tokens in the header of your GraphQL calls. However, you also can use session authentication.


mutation: {deleteCustomerAddress(id: Int!) {Boolean}}

Example usage

The following call deletes a customer’s address.


mutation {
  deleteCustomerAddress(id: 4)


  "data": {
    "deleteCustomerAddress": true

Input attributes

The deleteCustomerAddress mutation requires the following input:

Attribute Data Type Description
id Int! The ID assigned to the address object

Output attributes

The deleteCustomerAddress mutation returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the operation was successful.


Error Description
Address "id" value should be specified The id argument is zero.
Could not find a address with ID "XXX" The customer address specified in the id argument does not exist.
Customer Address XXX is set as default billing address and cannot be deleted You cannot delete a default billing address.
Customer Address XXX is set as default shipping address and cannot be deleted You cannot delete a default shipping address.
Field "deleteCustomerAddress" argument "id" requires type Int!, found "XXX". The specified id argument value has the wrong type.
Syntax Error: Expected Name, found ) The id argument was omitted or does not have a value.
The current customer isn't authorized. The current customer is not currently logged in, or the customer’s token does not exist in the oauth_token table.