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The Magento_ConfigurableRequisitionList module enables configurable products to be displayed in a requisition list in an B2B environment. This module extends Magento_RequisitionList and Magento_Configurable modules.

The Magento_ConfigurableRequisitionList module provides the following features:

  • Display configurable products in a requisition list.

  • Add configurable products to cart from a requisition list.

Installation details

The Magento_ConfigurableRequisitionList module has a dependency on the Magento_RequisitionList and Magento_Configurable modules, which must be installed and enabled first. This module does not create any backward incompatible changes. It can be uninstalled or deactivated at any time.


Learn about a typical file structure for a Magento 2 module.


You can extend and override layouts in the Magento\ConfigurableRequisitionList\view\frontend\layout directories.

For more information about layouts, see the Layout documentation.