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This module provides log for Login as Customer functionality


The Magento_LoginAsCustomerLog module creates the magento_login_as_customer_log table in the database.

For information about a module installation in Magento 2, see Enable or disable modules.


This module introduces the following layouts in the view/adminhtml/layout directory:

  • loginascustomer_log_log_index

For more information about a layout in Magento 2, see the Layout documentation.

UI components

You can extend log listing updates using the configuration files located in the directories

  • view/adminhtml/ui_component:
    • login_as_customer_log_listing

For information about a UI component in Magento 2, see Overview of UI components.

Public APIs

  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerLog\Api\Data\LogInterface
    • login as customer log data
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerLog\Api\Data\LogSearchResultsInterface
    • login as customer log entity search results data
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerLog\Api\GetLogsListInterface:
    • get login as customer log list considering search criteria
  • \Magento\LoginAsCustomerLog\Api\SaveLogsInterface:
    • save login as custom logs entities

For information about a public API in Magento 2, see Public interfaces & APIs.

Additional information

This module is a part of Login As Customer feature.

Learn more about Login As Customer feature.