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Magento_Multishipping module provides functionality that allows customer to request shipping to more than one address using different carriers. The module provides alternative to standard checkout flow.


For information about a module installation in Magento 2, see Enable or disable modules.


For information about a typical file structure of a module in Magento 2, see Module file structure.

## Extensibility

Developers can interact with the module and change behaviour using type configuration feature.

Namely, we can change paymentSpecification for Magento\Multishipping\Block\Checkout\Billing and Magento\Multishipping\Model\Checkout\Type\Multishipping classes. As result, we will get changed behaviour, new logic or something what our business need.

For example:

<type name="Magento\Multishipping\Model\Checkout\Type\Multishipping">
         <argument name="paymentSpecification" xsi:type="object">multishippingPaymentSpecification</argument>

Yo can check this configuration and find more examples in the etc/frontend/di.xml file.

More information about type configuration.

Extension developers can interact with the Magento_Multishipping module. For more information about the Magento extension mechanism, see Magento plug-ins.

The Magento dependency injection mechanism enables you to override the functionality of the Magento_Msrp module.


This module observes the following event:


  • checkout_cart_save_before in the Magento\Multishipping\Observer\DisableMultishippingObserver file.

The module dispatches the following events:

  • multishipping_checkout_controller_success_action event in the class \Magento\Multishipping\Controller\Checkout\Success::execute() method. Parameters:
    • order_ids is order ids created during checkout
  • checkout_controller_multishipping_shipping_post event in the class \Magento\Multishipping\Controller\Checkout\ShippingPost::execute() method. Parameters:
    • request is a request object Magento\Framework\App\RequestInterface.
    • quote is a quote object for current checkout Magento\Quote\Model\Quote.
  • checkout_type_multishipping_set_shipping_items event in the class \Magento\Multishipping\Model\Checkout\Type\Multishipping::setShippingItemsInformation() method. Parameters:
    • quote is a quote object for current checkout Magento\Quote\Model\Quote.
  • checkout_type_multishipping_create_orders_single event in the class \Magento\Multishipping\Model\Checkout\Type\Multishipping::createOrders() method. Parameters:
    • order is a prepared order object for creating \Magento\Sales\Model\Order.
    • address is an address array.
    • quote is a quote object for current checkout Magento\Quote\Model\Quote.
  • checkout_submit_all_after event in the class \Magento\Multishipping\Model\Checkout\Type\Multishipping::createOrders() method. Parameters:
    • orders is order object array \Magento\Sales\Model\Order that was created.
    • quote is a quote object for current checkout Magento\Quote\Model\Quote.
  • checkout_multishipping_refund_all event in the class \Magento\Multishipping\Model\Checkout\Type\Multishipping::createOrders() method. Parameters:
    • orders is order object array \Magento\Sales\Model\Order that was created.

For information about an event in Magento 2, see Events and observers.


The module interacts with the following layout handles:

view/frontend/layout directory:

  • checkout_cart_index

This module introduces the following layouts and layout handles:

view/frontend/layout directory:

  • multishipping_checkout
  • multishipping_checkout_address_editaddress
  • multishipping_checkout_address_editbilling
  • multishipping_checkout_address_editshipping
  • multishipping_checkout_address_newbilling
  • multishipping_checkout_address_newshipping
  • multishipping_checkout_address_select
  • multishipping_checkout_address_selectbilling
  • multishipping_checkout_addresses
  • multishipping_checkout_billing
  • multishipping_checkout_customer_address
  • multishipping_checkout_login
  • multishipping_checkout_overview
  • multishipping_checkout_register
  • multishipping_checkout_results
  • multishipping_checkout_shipping
  • multishipping_checkout_success

Additional information


Module introduces the following resources:

  • Magento_Multishipping::config_multishipping - Multishipping Settings Section

More information about Access Control List rule.

Page Types

Module introduces the new pages:

etc/frontend/page_types.xml file.

  • checkout_cart_multishipping - Catalog Quick Search Form Suggestion
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_address_editaddress - Multishipping Checkout One Address Edit Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_address_editbilling - Multishipping Checkout Billing Address Edit Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_address_editshipping - Multishipping Checkout Shipping Address Edit Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_address_newbilling - Multishipping Checkout Billing Address Creation
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_address_newshipping - Multishipping Checkout Shipping Address Creation
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_address_selectbilling - Multishipping Checkout Billing Address Selection
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_addresses - Multishipping Checkout Address (Any) Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_billing - Multishipping Checkout Billing Information Step
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_customer_address - Multishipping Checkout Customer Address Edit Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_login - Multishipping Checkout Login User Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_overview - Multishipping Checkout Overview
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_register - Multishipping Checkout Register User Form
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_shipping - Multishipping Checkout Shipping Information Step
  • checkout_cart_multishipping_success - Multishipping Checkout Success

More information about layout types.

For information about significant changes in patch releases, see 2.3.x Release information.