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This module allows clients to subscribe for information about new promotions and discounts and allows store administrators to send newsletters to clients subscribed for them.


Before installing this module, note that the Magento_Newsletter is dependent on the following modules:

  • Magento_Store
  • Magento_Customer
  • Magento_Eav
  • Magento_Widget

Before disabling or uninstalling this module, note that the following modules depends on this module:

  • Magento_NewsletterGraphQl

This module creates the following tables in the database:

  • newsletter_subscriber
  • newsletter_template
  • newsletter_queue
  • newsletter_queue_link
  • newsletter_queue_store_link
  • newsletter_problem

For information about a module installation in Magento 2, see Enable or disable modules.


Extension developers can interact with the Magento_Newsletter module. For more information about the Magento extension mechanism, see Magento plug-ins.

The Magento dependency injection mechanism enables you to override the functionality of the Magento_Newsletter module.

A lot of functionality in the module is on JavaScript, use mixins to extend it.


This module introduces the following layouts in the view/frontend/layout and view/adminhtml/layout directories:

  • view/adminhtml/layout:
    • newsletter_problem_block
    • newsletter_problem_grid
    • newsletter_problem_index
    • newsletter_queue_edit
    • newsletter_queue_grid
    • newsletter_queue_grid_block
    • newsletter_queue_index
    • newsletter_queue_preview
    • newsletter_queue_preview_popup
    • newsletter_subscriber_block
    • newsletter_subscriber_exportcsv
    • newsletter_subscriber_exportxml
    • newsletter_subscriber_grid
    • newsletter_subscriber_index
    • newsletter_template_edit
    • newsletter_template_preview
    • newsletter_template_preview_popup
    • preview
  • view/frontend/layout:
    • customer_account
    • customer_account_create
    • newsletter_manage_index
    • default

For more information about a layout in Magento 2, see the Layout documentation.

UI components

This module extends customer form ui component the configuration file located in the view/base/ui_component directory:

  • customer_form

For information about a UI component in Magento 2, see Overview of UI components.

Additional information

Learn more about newsletter.

Cron options

Cron group configuration can be set at etc/crontab.xml:

  • newsletter_send_all - schedules newsletter sending

Learn how to configure and run cron in Magento..