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This module implements functionality related with linking video files from external resources to product.


Before installing this module, note that the Magento_ProductAlert is dependent on the following modules:

  • Magento_Catalog
  • Magento_Backend

The Magento_ProductVideo module creates the catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value_video table in the database.

All database schema changes made by this module are rolled back when the module gets disabled and setup:upgrade command is run.

For information about a module installation in Magento 2, see Enable or disable modules.


Extension developers can interact with the Magento_ProductVideo module. For more information about the Magento extension mechanism, see Magento plug-ins.

The Magento dependency injection mechanism enables you to override the functionality of the Magento_ProductVideo module.

A lot of functionality in the module is on JavaScript, use mixins to extend it.


This module introduces the following layouts in the view/frontend/layout and view/adminhtml/layout directories:

  • view/adminhtml/layout
    • catalog_product_new
  • view/frontend/layout
    • catalog_product_view

For more information about a layout in Magento 2, see the Layout documentation.

UI components

This module extends following ui components located in the view/adminhtml/ui_component directory:

  • product_form

For information about a UI component in Magento 2, see Overview of UI components.

Additional information

More information can get at articles: