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The Magento_WeeeGraphQl module provides type information for the GraphQl module to generate wee tax fields for the catalog and product information endpoints.

The Magento_WeeeGraphQl module extends Magento_GraphQl and Magento_Weee modules. This module provides type and resolver information for GraphQL API.

Installation details

Before installing this module, note that the Magento_WeeeGraphQl is dependent on the following modules:

  • Magento_CatalogGraphQl
  • Magento_Store
  • Magento_Tax
  • Magento_Weee

For information about enabling or disabling a module, see Enable or disable modules.


Extension developers can interact with the Magento_WeeeGraphQl module. For more information about the Magento extension mechanism, see Magento plug-ins.

The Magento dependency injection mechanism enables you to override the functionality of the Magento_WeeeGraphQl module.