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Configure and Connect

The Adobe Commerce API key and its associated private key are required to connect Live Search to an installation of Adobe Commerce. The API key is generated and maintained in the account of the Adobe Commerce license holder, who can share it with the developer or SI. The developer can then create and manage the SaaS environments on behalf of the license-holder. For detailed instructions, see Commerce Services in the User Guide and Configuration Reference.

Adobe Commerce license holder

To generate an API key and private key, see Commerce Services in the Adobe Commerce User Guide.

Adobe Commerce developer or SI

The developer or SI configures the SaaS environment as described in the Commerce Services section of the configuration. Commerce Services becomes available in the Configuration sidebar when a SaaS module is installed.

Catalog data sync

Live Search requires synchronized product data for search operations and synchronized attribute data to configure facets. The initial synchronization between the product catalog and the catalog service begins when Live Search is first connected and can take up to eight hours to complete. During the process, catalog data is exported from your Adobe Commerce instance and indexed by Live Search.

To ensure that catalog export runs correctly, confirm that the cron jobs and indexers are running, and that the following indexers are set to Update by Schedule:

  • Product Feed
  • Product Variant Feed
  • Catalog Attributes Feed

After the initial synchronization, it can take up to fifteen minutes for incremental product updates to become available to storefront search. To learn more, go to Streaming Product Updates.

Verify catalog sync

To verify that the data has been exported from your Adobe Commerce instance, look for entries in the following tables:

  • catalog_data_exporter_products
  • catalog_data_exporter_product_attributes

For additional help, refer to Live search catalog not synchronized in the Support Knowledge Base.

Test the connection

  1. Log in to the Adobe Commerce Admin and verify that you can go to Marketing > Live Search.

  2. In the storefront, verify that the Search box returns results correctly.

  3. If Live Search is not available in the Admin or if the search results are not returned in the storefront, check the var/log/system.log file for API communication failures or errors on the services side.

Synced and shared data

The list of data that is synced and shared with the catalog service can be found in the schema, which is defined in: