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Faceting is a high-performance filtering method that uses multiple dimensions of searchable static and dynamic attribute values as search criteria. The available facets appear in the left sidebar of search results pages, with the most commonly used facets “pinned” to the top of the list.

The productSearch query contains an example where facets have been configured.

Go to Facets in the Adobe Commerce User Guide for information about facet setup, attribute requirements, and their use from the Admin and storefront.

Types of facets

There are two types of facets: Pinned and dynamic.


Merchants can pin commonly-used facets to the top of the list.


Dynamic facets appear only when relevant, and the selection changes according to the products returned. In the storefront Filters list, dynamic facets appear in alphabetic order after any pinned facets. To streamline search results, facets are set to dynamic by default.

Intelligent facets are product attributes that Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei finds extremely relevant to the given product set and query. This calculation takes into account the attribute meta data of the entire catalog and determines relevance at query time to deliver the most relevant facets for any query.

Popular facets are product attributes that are most often present in the result set.

Select type

A facet can be either single- or multi-select, based on the input type that is assigned to the corresponding attribute.

Type Description
Single select A single-select facet offers multiple options, but allows the shopper to choose only one. Examples: Dropdown, Visual Swatch or Text Swatch
Multi-select A multi-select facet allows a shopper to choose more than one option. The logical operator that is assigned to a multi-select facet determines the product set that is returned. Options:
- Multi-select (or) - The returned products match any of the selected values.
- Multi-select (and) - The returned products match all selected facet values.

Facet aggregation

Facet aggregation is performed as follows if the storefront has three facets (categories, color and price) and the shopper filters on all three (color = blue, price is from $10.00-50.00, categories = promotions).

  • categories aggregation - Aggregates categories, applies color and price filters, but not the categories filter.
  • color aggregation - Aggregates color, applies price and categories filters, but not the color filter.
  • price aggregation - Aggregates price, applies color and categories filters, but not the price filter.

Default attribute values

Product attributes have some storefront properties that are enabled by default.

Property Storefront Property Attribute
Sortable Used for Sorting in Product Listing price
Searchable Use in Search price
FilterableInSearch Use in Layered Navigation - Filterable (with results) price