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GraphQL Support

GraphQL is a data query language that allows the caller to specify exactly what data to return. When a customer searches for products, the overhead of returning all possible product information and removing unnecessary data leads to longer processing times and unfavorable user experiences.

Live Search provides GraphQL functionality that is currently separate from the GraphQL support provided in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce. Live Search GraphQL requires connecting to a different endpoint and specifying a different set of HTTP headers.

You can connect to the Live Search GraphQL endpoint to test sample queries using an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in two ways:

  • Through the GraphQL Playground IDE embedded in the Adobe Commerce Admin. The embedded IDE manages the endpoint URL and required HTTP headers.

  • Through a standalone version of GraphQL Playground, or any other IDE, such as GraphiQL or Postman. In these applications you must specify the endpoint URL and provide a set of HTTP headers for each call.

Go to the GraphQL Developer Guide for general information about Adobe Commerce GraphQL.

Run queries using the embedded GraphQL Playground

You can run only queries that are specific to Live Search in the embedded GraphQL Playground IDE. As a starting point, copy code examples from the attributeMetadata query and productSearch query topics.

  1. In the Admin, go to Marketing > SEO & Search > Live Search.
  2. For multiple stores, set Scope to the store view where the settings apply.
  3. Click the GraphQL tab.
  4. Enter the query code.
  5. Click Play.

    graphQL example GraphQL - example product query

Run queries on a standalone GraphQL browser

  1. Set the GraphQL endpoint to

  2. Add the following HTTP headers to all Live Search GraphQL calls:

    Header name Header value Description
    Magento-Environment-Id This value is displayed at Stores > Configuration > Services > Magento Services > SaaS Environment or can be obtained by running the bin/magento config:show services_connector/services_id/environment_id command.  
    Magento-Website-Code The code assigned to the website associated with the active store view. For example, base.  
    Magento-Store-Code The code assigned to the store associated with the active store view. For example, main_website_store.  
    Magento-Store-View-Code The code assigned to the active store view. For example, default.  
    X-Api-Key This value must be set to search_gql  
  3. Enter the query code.

  4. Run the the query.

Error Codes

The Live Search queries can return the following error codes when a query encounters an error.

Error Code Description
1000 Catches any other error that is not recognized by the service.
1001 index_not_found_exception
Live Search exception message.
1002 search_phase_execution_exception
Live Search exception message.
1003 mapper_parsing_exception
Live Search exception message.
1004 invalid_argument_exception
The request has an invalid argument.