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Synonyms expand the reach of shopper queries to include words they might use that differ from those in the catalog. Some synonyms are interchangeable, while others represent a subset of a keyword.

Types of synonyms

One- and two-way synonyms expand the definition of a keyword. Some words are interchangeable, while others represent a subset of a keyword. There are two types of synonyms:


Two-way synonyms have the same meaning and return the same search results. You can can create a simple pair of two-way synonyms, or a chain of multiple two-way synonyms for the same keyword. For example: pants, slacks, and trousers.


A one-way synonym is a subset of a keyword, but with a more granular meaning. For example, capris and shorts are pants, but not all pants are capris or shorts. A search for pants includes capris and shorts. However, a search for shorts does not include results for capris.

Setup and configuration

Live Search synonyms are separate from native synonyms, and are created and maintained from the Live Search Synonyms tab in the Adobe Commerce Admin. The synonym setup has no impact on requests.

After a synonym is saved in the Admin, it can take up to two hours for the changes to index and re-cache, and for the storefront search results to reflect the change.

Go to Synonyms in the Adobe Commerce User Guide for more information about synonym setup and use from the Admin and storefront.