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Business Value

Extensions with a clearly stated business value are easy for us to promote, and easy for customers to find.


  • All extensions should address a business need by solving an issue or enhancing existing functionality.
  • Any extension that does not serve a useful purpose will be rejected.


  • Create an extension that addresses a specific business case or solves a common problem faced by Magento merchants.
  • Take a survey to see what extensions are already available on Commerce Marketplace.
  • Differentiate your extension from other solutions. Be innovative, and do not copy ideas from other developers.


  • Items listed on Commerce Marketplace can be offered for free, or sold as commercial products.
  • Items offered for sale on Commerce Marketplace must reflect fair market value, and have a minimum price of $25. If the extension is also available for sale on your site, the prices must be the same.
  • All purchases are paid for in US currency.
  • Items sold on Commerce Marketplace are subject to a revenue sharing fee that is paid by the developer.


  • Create an extension that has broad appeal.
  • Your extension might be rejected if it appeals to only a small number of merchants.


  • We will do our best to put your extension in front of merchants, but we need your help!
  • Be your own cheerleader.
  • Create case studies that show the traction you have with merchants, and tell success stories of merchants who use your extension.
  • Establish yourself as a strong partner. Work closely with the Marketplace team to help us highlight your work.
  • If there is an apparent lack of interest in your extension, we will review any issues with you. If after a period of time the level of interest does not improve, the extension might be removed from Commerce Marketplace.