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Compatibility Requirements

The Adobe Commerce Marketplace requires extensions to adhere to standards of quality and maintenance. Merchants that install extensions that are not well maintained suffer from an inability to upgrade. This inability exposes merchants to security risks and prevents them from accessing the latest features in other extensions and services.

To mitigate this, Adobe has introduced multiple requirements for extensions that address three specific issues:

  • Compatibility with release lines—To unblock go-to-market for new merchants and upgrades for existing merchants, we need extensions to support the latest versions of Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce, including both latest release lines and latest patch versions.
  • Abandonment—Merchants don’t need to be presented with extensions that are not regularly updated and maintained.
  • Obsoletion (EOL)—Merchants need to be protected from situations when a significant number of available extensions only support EOL versions of Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce.

The topics in this section describe these requirements in more detail. They’re also covered in the Policies section of the Developer Portal (to see Policies, go to Resources in the top menu).