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Extension Quality Program

The Extension Quality Program (EQP) combines Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source expertise, development guidelines, and verification tools to ensure that all extensions on Commerce Marketplace meet our coding standards and best practices.

The review process includes both an automated check and manual QA review. During the process, the structure and code of each extension is examined and tested for evidence of virus/malware infection, and any indication of plagiarism. The review includes a deep technical examination and sanity check conducted by a Magento engineer, with a focus on documentation, coding structure, performance, scalability, security, and compatibility with the Magento core.

You can log in to your Marketplace account to check the status of your submission. If your submission does not pass our technical or marketing reviews, we will tell you why, and how to fix it. Otherwise, your successful submissions will be listed on Marketplace.

Build Your Extension or Theme

When your extension code is complete, you can create the extension and version in Commerce Marketplace.

Submit for Review

During Technical Review, your extension code is scanned and validated via automated testing and manual QA.

During Marketing Review, your extension marketing information (including the documentation and images) is examined for quality and to make sure that it meets our marketing guidelines. If the extension doesn't pass either review, you can correct the problem and resubmit it.

Approved for Marketplace

When your extension passes Technical Review and Marketing Review, it is approved and released for publication on Commerce Marketplace.