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An extension is a custom module, language pack, or combination of custom modules and language packs, that adds new functionality to the core Magento product.

All extensions submitted to Commerce Marketplace are managed from the Extensions page in the Marketplace Developer Portal. It shows the status of each extension and language pack you have submitted, and provides access to the profile and version history of each. You can also use the workspace controls to sort and filter the list.

Build Your Extension - provides details on completing code, descriptions, documentation, and preparing to submit.
Complete the Extension Information - provides instructions for creating the initial entry for an extension. You will add versions to attach code packages, documentation, and more.
Specify the Version - provides instructions for adding new versions for an extension entry. You will create a version for the initial submitted version and all subsequent versions for an extension.

Your Extensions

Column Description
Extension Name The name of the extension.
Platform Lists your products by platform. Options: All Platforms / Magento 1.x / Magento 2.x
No. of Versions The number of versions of the extension that have been created.
Active Version The version of the extension that is currently active.
Active Version Status The current position of the extension in the submission workflow.
Last Changed The date of the last change made to the version.