Revenue Share

The revenue share enables Magento to curate content, and maintain the necessary review and verification process to ensure a high-quality experience for merchants, and a healthy ecosystem for providers. This business model supports our marketing effort to promote Commerce Marketplace, and increases the demand for the products that our providers bring to market.

All Commerce Marketplace sales are subject to a 70/30 revenue share split, with 70% of the revenue for the provider and 30% for Magento. Sales subject to the revenue share include both paid extensions and converted indirect leads from software as a service (SaaS), or subscription-based products such as a free extension bundled with a paid subscription. All product/service bundles are subject to the same 70/30 revenue share business model.

Magento pays 70% of the revenue, minus any amount that is required to be withheld by the U. S. government Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Payment terms and processing fees are clearly stated and agreed upon at the time the extension and/or service is submitted to Marketplace. Payout is provided through PayPal

To learn more, see Marketplace Revenue Share Model.