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Manage Sales

Commerce Marketplace is a full-featured digital commerce site with integrated payments, where you can offer your products for free, or for sale. Purchases can be paid by credit card or PayPal.

Developers are not charged a fee to submit or list products or services on Commerce Marketplace. All product sales are subject to a revenue share, with 85% of the revenue for the developer, and 15% for Adobe. This business model allows us to invest in marketing and promotions to grow the businesses of participating developers.

Buyers have twenty-five (25) days after the date of purchase to request a refund. Magento reviews all refund requests and if approved, issues the appropriate refund.

Customer information

Protecting the privacy of customer information is important to Magento, and we work to ensure that our policies meet industry-standard privacy practices. We also recognize your need to communicate with those who purchase your products and services.

At the time of transaction, you will receive an email notification that identifies the customer by user name, and lists each extension or theme purchased, along with any additional installation or support services.

  • Customers who purchase installation or support services receive your support contact information at the time of purchase.
  • Customers who do not purchase additional services can communicate directly with you using the general contact information on your profile page.
  • SaaS providers can provision license keys for customers after the purchase.

View your sales information

Sales and refund information is available in your Marketplace dashboard, and it is also sent by email.

Subscription payments are displayed as individual transactions.

In the Marketplace Developer portal, in the top navigation, go to Reports > Sales.

Marketplace Sales Performance

Field Description
Total Sales The total dollar amount of all of your sales on Marketplace.
Free Purchases The number of free products you have transacted.
Paid Purchases The number of paid products you have transacted.
Installations The number of your products that have been installed.
Refunds Commerce Marketplace allows buyers up to 25 days after the date of purchase to request a refund. Requests for refunds are reviewed by the Commerce Marketplace administrator. If approved, credited to the PayPal account of the purchaser.
Tab Description
Sales Lists all sales of products, installation, and support across the lifetime of the account.
Refunds Lists all refund requests along with their statuses (i.e., approved, declined, or pending).
Payouts Lists all payouts you’ve received.