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Shared Packages

Shared packages are extension components containing code that can be used by other extensions. The package is a zipped archive of a valid code that is ready for technical review. Because components are not offered as standalone products in Commerce Marketplace, they are not subject to marketing review.

The Shared Packages tab shows the status of each shared package you have submitted, and provides access to the profile and version history of each. You can also use the workspace controls to sort and filter the list.

The process to submit a shared package to Commerce Marketplace is basically the same as submitting an extension. The only difference is that it takes place from the Shared Packages tab.

Shared Packages

Column Description
Shared Package Name The name of the shared package.
No. of Versions The number of versions of the shared package that have been created.
Active Version The version of the shared package that is currently active.
Active Version Status The current position of the shared package in the submission workflow.
Last Changed The date of the last change made to the version.