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Review Process

After completing development, testing, and creating a new extension entry, you can submit your extension for Technical and Marketing review. The extension enters a queue when submitted. We will review your extension code and submitted information according to the queue, sending feedback and confirmation by email. Track the status and progress of your extension submission through your Marketplace account. Our Extension Quality Program (EQP) verifies that all Marketplace extensions meet Magento quality standards and best practices.

Before submitting your extension for review, complete the information about the extension through the developer portal.

The extension submission process requires you to do the following:

  • Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions of Commerce Marketplace.
  • Pass both technical and marketing review.
  • Provide information about your business to ensure that transactions and payments are processed efficiently. This information includes W-8 / W-9 forms, as required by law. For more information, see the technical and marketing review guidelines.

You can submit your extension for technical review when you are ready to have Commerce Marketplace review the code and technical aspects of your extension. These steps require additional information for your extension including a PDF guide, supported Magento versions, and code package.

You can submit your extension for marketing review as soon as your marketing content is ready for review.

You must complete both the technical and marketing review to fully list your extension on the Commerce Marketplace. The following diagram details the submission and review process.

Workflow for creating and submitting extensions