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Buying Subscription-based Extensions

Starting December 2021, Adobe Commerce Marketplace provides extension vendors an opportunity to sell their extensions under an auto-renewing subscription model.

Subscribing to an extension

You can identify subscription extensions by pricing. They display price per period.

During checkout, subscription extensions display the recurring amount that you will be charged.

At this moment, Adobe Commerce Marketplace supports annual extension subscriptions only.

Handling an extension license or pricing change

While flat fee extensions are fully licensed in perpetuity, subscription extension licenses only make you eligible for support, notifications, and other services provided by the vendor while the subscription is active. Vendors cannot turn a flat fee extension into an auto-renewable subscription. Instead, vendors can elect to “sunset” the existing extension and replace it with an extension sold under a subscription license. They do that by removing the extension from the store, which triggers an email notification for all customers who have licensed the extension. Vendors can change the price of a subscription extension when submitting a new version. If you hold an active license to the extension, you will get an email notification explaining the pricing change.

Managing your active subscriptions

You can check your subscriptions in the My Account section. In the list, you will see the next payment date for each subscription. Merchants have the ability to add/edit various payment methods for every subscription extension.

To update a payment method:

1.Go to My Profile > My Subscriptions. 1.Choose the subscription that needs to be updated. 1.Click View and Edit > Update payment method.

It is the buyer’s responsibility to keep payment methods up-to-date. At least one payment method must be added. If a payment method has not been added by the payment date, then the subscription will be cancelled.

Canceling an extension subscription

You can cancel your subscription at any time.

To cancel a subscription:

1.Go to My Profile > My Subscriptions. 1.Choose subscription that you want to cancel. 1.Click View and Edit. 1.Change the Current Subscription Status to Cancelled.

To re-subscribe to a previously cancelled subscription, you must create a support ticket with Marketplace Support.

Requesting a refund

You can request a refund within 25 days of the initial purchase payment. After the 25-day term expires, refund for the initial (or any subsequent payments) is not possible.

Re-subscribing to an extension

You can re-subscribe to a cancelled extension subscription once. If you decide to cancel the subscription for a second time, you will not be able to re-subscribe to that SKU.

Thank you for using the Adobe Commerce Marketplace. For all questions and suggestions regarding extension subscriptions, please contact Marketplace Support or find us in the Community Slack workspace.