Update the Magento Functional Testing Framework

This topic was updated due to the 2.0.2 MFTF release.

Find out your version of the MFTF. If your version is 2.3.x, see the MFTF 2.3 documentation.

Magento tests and the framework are stored in different repositories.

Magento tests are stored in the same repository as the Magento code base. When you pull changes in the Magento code, you’re potentially pulling corresponding tests as well.

The MFTF is installed separately as a dependency using Composer. When pulling the latest Magento code, update the corresponding Composer dependencies in the magento2/dev/tests/acceptance directory. This ensures that the MFTF is up to date.

Update the MFTF

To update the MFTF (via a command line interface):

  1. When you update Magento, verify that the Magento WYSIWYG settings and Security settings are set appropriately.
  2. Go to the magento2/dev/tests/acceptance directory:

     cd dev/tests/acceptance
  3. Update your own tests, including data, metadata, etc. if they contain tags that are unsupported in the newer version. Check details about backward incompatible changes and see new MFTF release documentation in the Changelog.
  4. Run composer update to get the latest framework version:

     composer update
  5. Generate newly pulled tests:

     vendor/bin/robo generate:tests