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Configuring MFTF for two-factor authentication (2FA)

Configuring MFTF for Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Using two-factor authentication (2FA) with MFTF is possible with some configurations settings in Magento. In this document, we will use Google as the authentication provider.

Configure Magento

To prepare Magento for MFTF testing when 2FA is enabled, set the following configurations through the Magento CLI.

First, select Google Authenticator as Magento’s 2FA provider:

bin/magento config:set twofactorauth/general/force_providers google

Now set the OTP window to 60 seconds:

bin/magento config:set twofactorauth/google/otp_window 60

Set a base32-encoded secret for Google Authenticator to generate a OTP for the default admin user that you set for MAGENTO_ADMIN_USERNAME in .env:

bin/magento security:tfa:google:set-secret <MAGENTO_ADMIN_USERNAME> <OTP_SHARED_SECRET>  

Configure the MFTF

Save the same base32-encoded secret in a MFTF credential storage, e.g. .credentials file, HashiCorp Vault or AWS Secrets Manager. More details are here.

The path of the secret should be:



A one-time password (OTP) is required when an admin user logs into the Magento admin. Use the action getOTP Reference to generate the code and use it for the Authenticator code text field in 2FA - Google Auth page.

Note: You will need to set the secret for any non-default admin users first, before using getOTP. For example:

<magentoCLI command="security:tfa:google:set-secret admin2 {{_CREDS.magento/tfa/OTP_SHARED_SECRET}}" stepKey="setSecret"/>