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Interactive pause

Interactive Pause

It can be difficut to write a successful test on the first attempt. You will need to try different commands, with different arguments, before you find the correct path.

Since Codeception 3.0, you can pause execution in any point and enter an interactive shell where you will be able to try commands in action.

Now this Interactive Pause feature is available in MFTF. All you need to do is to set ENABLE_PAUSE to true in .env.

Check pause on for documentation and a video to see Interactive Pause in action.

In short, when a test gets to $I->pause() step, it stops and shows a console where you can try all available commands with auto-completion, stash commands, save screenshots, etc.

How to Configure Interactive Pause

To be able to use Interactive console you need to install hoa/console library by running composer require hoa/console command in your project. This will allow <pause /> action to work. MFTF supports Interactive Pause when ENABLE_PAUSE is set to true in <project_root>/dev/tests/acceptance/.env file.

MFTF Run Commands

vendor/bin/mftf run:group
vendor/bin/mftf run:test
vendor/bin/mftf run:manifest
vendor/bin/mftf run:failed

Use Interactive Pause During Test Development

Here is a typical work flow for this use case:

  • Set ENABLE_PAUSE to true under .env
  • Add action in a test where you want to pause execution for debugging
  • Run test
  • Execution should pause at action and invoke interactive console
  • Try out commands in interactive console
  • Resume test execution by pressing ENTER

Use Pause On Test Failure

When ENABLE_PAUSE is set to true, MFTF automatically generates pause() action in _failed() hook for tests and in _failed() function in MagentoWebDriver. This allows you to use pause to debug test failure for a long running test. The work flow might look like:

  • Set ENABLE_PAUSE to true under .env
  • Run test
  • Execution pauses and invokes interactive console right after test fails
  • Examine and debug on the spot of failure

MFTF Codecept Run Command

You can also use MFTF’s wrapper command to run Codeception directly and activate Interactive Pause by passing --debug option. You do not need to set ENABLE_PAUSE to true for this command if you don’t want to pause on test failure.

vendor/bin/mftf codecept:run --debug

Note: MFTF command "--debug" option has different meaning than Codeception command "--debug" mode option.