Breaking changes in 1.0.0-beta7

As hard as we tried to avoid breaking changes during our beta program, we felt compelled to clarify certain names within Page Builder to help developers better understand their purpose. As a result these changes will break existing content within previous beta versions, along with any custom content types you’ve created.

A summary of the changes is shown here, followed by the details on how to update your existing content:

  • data-role to data-content-type
  • group to menu_section
  • render_template to master_template
  • is_visible to is_system
  • renderChildTemplate to masterTemplate
  • previewChildTemplate to childTemplate
  • renderTemplate and previewTemplate to template

We’re sorry if these changes cause you any disruption. But we strongly believe they will improve product understanding for all future developers.

Master Format Changes

The data-role attribute is now called data-content-type. We strongly believe this makes understanding the purpose of the element and attribute much easier, as data-role is already used for several other features in Magento.

This change causes existing content to load as HTML code within your content type. To fix this issue, run the following command on your MySQL database:

UPDATE cms_page SET content = REPLACE(content, 'data-role="', 'data-content-type="');
UPDATE cms_block SET content = REPLACE(content, 'data-role="', 'data-content-type="');
UPDATE magento_banner_content SET banner_content = REPLACE(banner_content, 'data-role="', 'data-content-type="');
UPDATE catalog_category_entity_text SET value = REPLACE(value, 'data-role="', 'data-content-type="');
UPDATE catalog_product_entity_text SET value = REPLACE(value, 'data-role="', 'data-content-type="');

XML Changes

The group system has been renamed to menu_section, resulting in the following changes:

  • The group.xml, group.xsd, and group_merged.xsd files are now called menu_section.xml, menu_section.xsd, and menu_section_merged.xsd, but are located in the same places and have the same purposes. Nodes within these files have also been updated from <group /> to <menu_section />.

  • The group attribute is now called menu_section. If you’ve implemented a custom content type, you will need to update this attribute within your content type’s configuration file. For example:

    <type name="example_quote"
  • For any panel extensions you may have done, you will need to change your panel import references from Magento_PageBuilder/js/panel/group to Magento_PageBuilder/js/panel/menuSections, as well as any reader class references from Magento\PageBuilder\Model\Config\Group classes to Magento\PageBuilder\Model\Config\MenuSection classes, as necessary.

JavaScript Changes

We’ve also improved the naming of various properties in the JavaScript classes we ship within Page Builder. These changes may result in your custom extensions referencing properties that are no longer available.

  • A content type’s parent content type is now referenced as parentContentType instead of just parent, this was changed in content-type.ts and content-type-collection.ts. If you’re traversing up the tree you will need to update this reference.

  • From the preview and master components, you now access the content type instance through contentType instead of previously using parent. For example, event code using parent will need to be updated to contentType:

    events.on(`${}:${}:updateAfter`, function (args) {

    Changes to:

    events.on(`${}:${}:updateAfter`, function (args) {
  • render_template is renamed to master_template:

     <appearance name="default"

    Changes to:

     <appearance name="default"
  • is_visible is renamed to is_system. If your content type modifies this attribute, you will need to update your reference in the configuration file.

  • renderChildTemplate is renamed to masterTemplate and previewChildTemplate is renamed to childTemplate. If you have a container content type which renders children, you will need to update these references in your code.