Component status

Last Updated: March 26, 2019

This page shows the status of each content type and component in Page Builder beta as a measure of readiness for each.

Each status color indicates the severity and number of issues for a particular component.

  • Red - The content type or component has critical and blocking issues that make this module unstable.
  • Yellow - The content type or component has some issues that may cause problems, but it is still functional.
  • Green - The content type or component has no significant or outstanding issues.

The issues used to generate the status of these components come from verified internal and GitHub reports for Page Builder beta. Issues that are not related to Page Builder beta are not part of this report.

Content Types

Name Status Notes
Row Green  
Column Green  
Tabs Green  
Text Green  
Heading Green  
Buttons Green  
Divider Green  
HTML Code Green  
Image Green  
Video Green  
Banner Green  
Slider Green  
Map Green  
Block Green  
Dynamic Block Green  
Products Green  


Name Status Notes
Bluefoot to Page Builder Red The renderers provided out of the box are not fully updated with the latest changes to their respective content types.