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Recommendation Events

When you deploy the magento/product-recommendations module, the module tracks the following user events. These events enable behavioral data collection.

If shoppers use ad blockers or enable privacy settings that prevent the magento/product-recommendations module from capturing events, the metrics reflected in the Product Recommendations dashboard will not be accurate. Most likely, the engagement and revenue numbers will be underrepresented.

If Cookie Restriction Mode is enabled, Magento does not collect behavioral data until the shopper consents. If Cookie Restriction Mode is disabled, Magento collects behavioral data by default.

Event Category Description
add-to-cart product A product is added to the cart
add-to-wishlist product A product is added to the wishlist
apply-discount-action shopping-cart A discount code is applied to the cart
edit-product-qty shopping-cart The quantity of a product in a cart changed to a non-zero value
impression-render recommendation-unit The recommendation unit is rendered on the page.
initiate-checkout shopping-cart The customer initiates checkout
instant-purchase checkout The customer completes an instant purchase
place-order checkout The customer’s order is submitted
rec-add-to-cart-click recommendation-unit The customer clicks the Add to cart button for an item in the recommendation unit.
rec-click recommendation-unit The customer clicks a product in the recommendation unit.
remove-discount-action shopping-cart A discount code is removed from a cart
remove-from-cart product A product is removed from a cart
remove-from-wishlist product A product is removed from a wishlist
shopper The customer signs into their account
sign-out shopper The customer signs out of their account
view product The customer views a product details page (PDP)
view recommendation-unit The recommendation unit becomes viewable on the page, such as by scrolling into view