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Data Collection for Recommendations

When you install and configure SaaS-based Adobe Commerce features such as Product Recommendations or Live Search, the modules deploy behavioral data collection to your storefront. This mechanism collects anonymized behavioral data from your shoppers and powers product recommendations. For example, the view event is used to compute the Viewed this, viewed that recommendation type, and the place-order event is used to compute the Bought this, bought that recommendation type.

The following events are not specific to Product Recommendations, but are required to return results:

  • view
  • add-to-cart
  • place-order

The Storefront Events Collector lists all the events deployed to your storefront. From that list, however, there is a subset of events specific to Product Recommendations. These events collect data when shoppers interact with recommendation units on the storefront and power the metrics used to help you analyze how well your recommendations are performing.

Event Description Used for metrics?
impression-render The recommendation unit is rendered on the page. Yes
rec-add-to-cart-click The customer clicks the Add to cart button for an item in the recommendation unit. Yes, when an Add to cart button is present in the recommendations template.
rec-click The customer clicks a product in the recommendation unit. Yes
view The recommendation unit becomes viewable on the page, such as by scrolling into view. Yes

If you are using the default Adobe Commerce storefront or PWA, handling these events is done for you. If you are writing your own custom storefront, learn how you can integrate Product Recommendations into your storefront.

Many shoppers use ad blockers or enable privacy settings. These configurations prevent the magento/product-recommendations module from capturing events, which might cause the metrics in the Product Recommendations dashboard to underreport engagement and revenue numbers.

If Cookie Restriction Mode is enabled, Adobe Commerce does not collect behavioral data until the shopper consents to using cookies. If Cookie Restriction Mode is disabled, Adobe Commerce collects behavioral data by default.