This documentation is for the Product Recommendations Early Access Program. If you would like to participate, E-mail us!

Recommendation Events

When you deploy the product-recommendations module, the module tracks the following user events. These events enable behavioral data collection.

Event Description
add-to-cart A product is added to the cart
add-to-wishlist A product is added to the wishlist
apply-discount-action A discount code is applied to the cart
edit-product-qty The quantity of a product in a cart changed to a non-zero value
initiate-checkout The customer initiates checkout
instant-purchase The customer completes an instant purchase.
place-order The customer’s order is submitted
remove-discount-action A discount code is removed from a cart
remove-from-cart A product is removed from a cart
remove-from-wishlist A product is removed from a wishlist
The customer signs into their account
sign-out The customer signs out of their account
view The customer views a product details page (PDP)