REST API reference

Magento exposes different REST endpoints depending on the type of user making the requests. You must request and include a security token to gain access to the Customer and Admin REST API endpoints.

See Token-based authentication for instructions on requesting and using security tokens.

Synchronous endpoints

The REST API reference for all synchronous endpoints are available at

Use the drop-down menu in the top-left corner to see a list of REST endpoints specific to a user type.

Schema switcher

  • Admin REST API endpoints—Available using an admin security token.

  • Customer REST API endpoints—Available using a customer security token.

  • Guest REST API endpoints—Available for anonymous users.

Asynchronous endpoints

You can run POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE endpoints asynchronously while the async.operations.all message queue consumer is active. Asynchronous web endpoints provides information about asynchronous routes, payloads, and responses.

The list of Admin REST API endpoints contains a large number of endpoints and takes longer to load.