The following table contains the status of items on the Magento Open Source roadmap (items are subject to change):

For more details about PWA Studio, see the roadmap on GitHub.

Extension icon — Indicates extensions available on the Commerce Marketplace.

In Progress Planned
Accessibility improvements for storefront/admin
Channel manager with Walmart Marketplace (extension)
Express Checkout for Adobe Commerce (extension)
Framework updates (for example, KnockoutJS and RequireJS)
GraphQL - Admin configuration
GraphQL - Caching updates
jQuery 3.6.x support
OpenSearch 1.x support
Payment services (extension)
PayPal and Braintree updates
PHP 8.1 support
PWA - Global theming/styling
PWA - Custom product attributes
PWA - Performance optimizations
PWA - Shopping and cart improvements
Security and quality improvements
Vendor Bundled Extensions (VBEs) – Remove (except Braintree)
Framework updates (for example, KnockoutJS and RequireJS)
GraphQL - Personalization updates
GraphQL - Page Builder improvements
GraphQL - Inventory improvements
Page Builder - Mobile layout optimization
Page Builder - Column grid layouts (viewports)
PWA - Server-side rendering (SSR)
PWA - Extensibility improvements (payment/ship)
PWA - Bundle product type
Security and quality improvements