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Adobe Commerce Event Collector

This package listens for and handles events sent from the Adobe Commerce Adobe Commerce Event SDK. It runs as a side effect and is meant to be a convenience for users who want to send events to Adobe Commerce for processing.


The collector can be used as a hosted script, or bundled in a JavaScript application. The script version is hosted on unpkg, and the bundled version is hosted on npm.

To load the SDK as a script, use the following snippet.

<script src=""></script>

To install the script as a dependency, run this command.

npm install @adobe/magento-storefront-event-collector

Quick Start

After loading the collector script, or importing the package as shown below, there is nothing else that needs to be done.

import "@adobe/magento-storefront-event-collector";

The collector then begins listening for the following events. When any of these events are fired, the collector runs the associated handler and sends the event along with any relevant information to Adobe Commerce for further processing.

  • addToCart
  • instantPurchase
  • pageView
  • placeOrder
  • productPageView
  • recsItemAddToCartClick
  • recsItemClick
  • recsRequestSent
  • recsResponseReceived
  • recsUnitRender
  • recsUnitView
  • searchProductClick
  • searchRequestSent
  • searchResponseReceived
  • searchResultsView
  • searchSuggestionClick
  • shoppingCartView


If you have any questions or encounter any issues, reach out here: