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The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is an ALPHA version with limited scope, available for all Magento Commerce merchants, and only validating PHP Magento APIs and GraphQL schema. If you are a Magento Commerce user you can download it at the Magento repo.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool ALPHA is a command line tool that checks a Magento instance against a specific version by analyzing all the non-Magento modules installed in it.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool identifies potential problems that must be fixed in your custom code before attempting to upgrade to a newer version of Magento.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool returns a list of errors and warnings that you must address before upgrading to a new version of Magento.

It is distributed as a Composer package with every release of a Magento version. See Developer topic for more information.

Refer to the Install for first steps with the Upgrade Compatibility Tool.