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The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is a command-line tool that checks an Adobe Commerce customized instance against a specific version by analyzing all modules and core code installed in it. It returns a list of critical issues, errors, and warnings that must be addressed before upgrading to the latest version of Adobe Commerce. It also identifies potential problems that must be fixed in your code before attempting to upgrade to a newer version of Adobe Commerce.

The Upgrade Compatibility Tool allows you to identify when core code changes have been made to customized features. See the Run the tool topic for more information.

It is distributed as a Composer package with every release of an Adobe Commerce version. See the Developer topic for more information.

Refer to the Install for the first steps with the Upgrade Compatibility Tool.

Help improve the Upgrade Compatibility Tool

To connect with the Upgrade Compatibility Tool team contact us on the Engineering Slack channel Upgrade Compatibility Tool.

We want to hear your feedback, issues and suggestions to help us improve the tool.

Do you have an idea how to improve our compatibility analysis?. Check the how to contribute page for more information.

See the Resources page for more information.