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The Upgrade Compatibility Tool is an ALPHA version with limited scope, available for all Magento Commerce merchants, and only validating PHP Magento APIs and GraphQL schema. If you are a Magento Commerce user you can download it at the Magento repo.

Running the Upgrade Compatibility Tool ALPHA helps you identify what you must do before upgrading Magento.

The minimum requirements to run the Upgrade Compatibility Tool are:

Requirements Constraints
PHP version >= 7.3
Composer none
Node.js An optional requirement. Only required to check GraphQL compatibility.
Memory limitations At least 2GB RAM
Magento Access keys none
MC or Magento Open Source none

You can run the Upgrade Compatibility Tool in any operating system. There is no requirement to run the Upgrade Compatibility Tool where your Magento instance is located.

It is necessary for the Upgrade Compatibility Tool to have access to the source code of the Magento instance. For example, you can install it on one server and point it at your Magento installation on another server. Refer to the install for more information.